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The social history of Jamaica

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In Jamaica, Shades of an Identity Crisis
By Serge F. Kovaleski, The Washington Post, 5 August 1999. To become a "brownin'," (light skinned), Jamaica's vast underclass and sometimes upper classes are ignoring public health warnings and resorting to skin bleaching in unprecedented numbers. A lighter complexion may be a ticket to upward mobility, socially and professionally, as well as to greater sex appeal.
Government's Plan for Slum-Dwellers Under Fire
By Dionne Jackson Miller, IPS, 8 October 1999. A government program to relocate slum-dwellers to healthy, clean communities is criticized because of its proposed source of funding. The cash-strapped government is looking for funding from the National Housing Trust (NHT) an agency financed by a special tax on wages, and with the specific mandate "to provide shelter for its contributors
Over 300 prisoners in St Catherine's District Prison, Spanish Town
Amnesty International Urgen Action Bulletin, 26 May 2000. Inmates have severely beaten and suffered extrajudicial execution. Inmates suffered fractures and had teeth knocked out, and injured prisoners were denied medical attention. Soldiers have been manning the prison since the warders went on unofficial strike in January 2000 in protest against the reappointment of Colonel John Prescod as Head of Corrections.
Jamaicans Flee Soaring Crime and Deteriorating Economy
By Corinne Barnes, IPS, 19 July 2000. A new wave of migration, as Jamaicans flee for a combination of economic and personal security reasons. Most applicants are seeking permanent residence in Canada. People are afraid that they may be held up or killed.
Jamaicans Eye Jackpot as Economy Crumbles
By Corinne Barnes, IPS, 27 July 2000. Thousands of Jamaicans are hanging their hopes for a change in their financial situation on games of chance. Gambling is on the increase becasue of deteriorating economic conditions.