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The history of women and gender in Jamaica

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   The history of society in general in Jamaica

Battered Women Are Left With Nowhere to Run
By Virginia Hardy, IPS, 2 June 1998. Women's groups called for the government to establish more shelters for battered women to no avail. With Jamaica's unenviable track record for violence against women, the population can scarcely afford to be without shelter.
Police and Women Do Not a Pretty Picture Make
By Neville Johnson, IPS, 12 June 1998. In inner city communities, policemen kick and box women without consequence. There are shootings and house ransackings by police who have no respect for women. The excessive use of force by the Jamaican police is an infringement of women's basic rights.
Women Take the Lead in the Move Out of Poverty
By Sam Pragg, IPS 9 July 1998. The Jamaican government, along with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), seems to say that you pull people from the depths of poverty by starting with the women. The government's newest poverty alleviation program.
The Woman's Right to Choose Back on the Agenda
By Ingrid Brown, IPS, 13 May 1999. The growing number of babies being killed or abandoned at birth puts the abortion debate and the woman's right to choose on the agenda. Because abortions are illegal, many women abandone infants or go to unqualified abortionists.