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Haitian mural online exhibition

Announcement by Tap Tap, May 1995

With the return of President Aristide to Haiti last fall, wall murals began once more appearing in great numbers throughout Haiti. During the time of the coup, this popular art form was totally suppressed due to its highly political content. To attempt to paint a wall mural during the period of the coup would be to invite the risk of immediate excution.

An exhibition of photographs of some of these murals was held at the Gallery at the Tap Tap restaurant this past spring on Miami Beach. To make them available to a wider audience, some of the work and a review from the Miami Herald are now online in full color thanks to Steve Malagodi's DiskArt Gallery. There is also poetry by Haitian poets Felix Morisseau- Leroi, Jan Sebon and others at this site.

It can be accessed with any WWW browser or through lynx. The URL (address) is:


Also at this site are links to other resources on Haiti. A visit there is definitely in order for anyone with an interest in Haiti.

(Submitted by Gerald Jones on behalf of Tap Tap)