The history of art in the Republic of Haiti

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Haitian mural online exhibition
Announcement by Tap Tap, May 1995.
Artist Alexandre Gregoire Dies
By Charles Arthur, This Week in Haiti, Haiti Progres, 8–14 August 2001. Considered one of the best of Haiti's first generation of so-called naive artists, Alexandre Gregoire died at his home in the southern coastal town of Jacmel on July 28, 2001.
Haitian artist Edouard Duval-Carrie exhumes memories of his homeland
By Matt Schudel, Sun-Sentinel, 22 June 2003. Edouard Duval-CarriƩ left his native Haiti more than 25 years ago, but Haiti has never left him. Now settled in Miami, Duval-CarriƩ has studied and lived all over the world, yet his troubled homeland in the Caribbean continues to be the inspiration for his art.