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Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 07:48:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bob Corbett <bcorbett@crl.com>
Subject: Resolutions from APN Natl. Congress
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author : haiticomm@igc.apc.org
date : 15.06.95

Resolutions from APN Natl. Congress

From The Haiti Commission, 15 June 1995

Having received many requests, we are posting the English translation of the final resolutions which came out of the May 25 - 28 Third National Congress of the National Popular Assembly (APN), one of Haiti's foremost popular organizations.

The Haiti Commission


Final Resolutions

After three days of debate around the themes of Justice, Elections, Occupation, and Privatization, 500 delegates - peasants, workers, small merchants, unemployed, and students who are APN members - declare before national and international public opinion:

  1. The return of President Aristide on October 15, 1994 under the banner of the American military occupation and the policy of reconciliation are betrayals of the demands of the December 16, 1990 election and the three years of the people's resistance and sacrifice.
  2. The Aristide/Michel government has discarded the demands of the December 16, 1990 victory of the people.
  3. The people had placed their trust in President Aristide to help advance their demands, but he has today become a puppet in the hands of the occupation forces, which do with him whatever they like.
  4. APN rejects the American military occupation which is using the United Nations as a cover to protect the criminals of the September 30th coup d'etat, to destroy the country's economy, and to steal all the resources of the country.
  5. APN takes its distance from the Aristide/Michel government, because the present policies of reconciliation and of selling the country are not within the framework of the demands of the December 16, 1990 popular vote.
  6. The Complaint Bureaus, the Truth Commission, the separating out of money to give to so-called victims of the coup d'etat, and the distributing sacks of rice and sugar for people to resell are all demagogic moves by a government which does not want to take the responsibility to do the work it should be doing in the interests of the people.
  7. The policy of reconciliation with the macoutes who spilled the blood of the people is a betrayal of the long struggle which the masses have been waging for justice. It is opening the door for the criminals to continue spilling more blood.
  8. APN has decided to lead a campaign to denounce the policies of cover-up and of reconciliation which the Aristide/Michel government is now implementing.
  9. APN has decided to work to establish a Popular Commission of Inquiry to identify criminals, to encourage all victims or families of victims to lodge complaints against the criminals, and to help find any other means necessary to make sure the blood of the people was not spilled in vain.
  10. APN declares that honest, democratic, and secure elections are not possible under the American military occupation. APN says: disarmament, justice, and disoccupation before elections.
  11. APN asks the people to reject the bogus elections of June 25 and July 19 1995 so that we don't give the Americans, the subservient bourgeoisie, and the opportunist petty bourgeoisie any pretext to continue their policies of reconciliation with the Macoutes and of selling the country from underneath us.
  12. APN asks the people to chase away all candidates who are Macoutes, bourgeois opportunists, and American pawns who are ready to come take power to implement the death plan of the IMF/World Bank over the dead bodies of the poor. The death plan continues to plunge Haiti into an abyss and will bring poverty, hunger, unemployment, censorship, and repression.
  13. APN has already begun a mobilizing campaign across the nation in the countryside, towns, and cities, in popular quarters, churches, and markets, to make known to all Haitians who want change the damage which the IMF/World Bank plan will do to the country.
  14. APN will work for a general mobilization nationally and internationally against the implementation of the death plan of the IMF/World Bank.
  15. APN has decided to unite with all other progressive vorganizations and all principled democrats who are ready to lead a political battle to block the plan of reconciliation with Macoutes and the policy of selling the country of Dessalines and Charlemagne Peralte.

We APN militants - unemployed, students, artisans, peasants, workers, and women - from the four corners of the country take these resolutions in our Third National Congress. Before history and the people, we commit ourselves to fight until the bitter end against any policy of reconciliation with the Macoute criminals who spilled the people's blood and against any traitors who decide to sell the country of Dessalines and Charlemagne Peralte. We will fight together with the people against the US military occupation which has returned to the country just like in 1915.

Down with reconciliation with the Macoutes. Down with the death plan of the IMF/World Bank. Down with the US occupation. Justice, disarmament, and disoccupation before elections. Long live a Haiti which is its own master. The Haitian people will not return to the slavery of the American occupation.