The National Popular Assembly during Aristide's First term

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The Charlemagne Perale congress: APN launches anti-occupation campaign
This Week in Haiti, June 7–13 1995.
Resolutions from APN Natl. Congress
From The Haiti Commission, 15 June 1995. The Congress of Haiti's leading popular organization took place on 25–28 May.
Fight to the bitter end
By Pat Chin, Port-au-Prince, Workers World, 15 June 1995. Third Congress of the National Popular Assembly (APN) on 25–28 May. Privatization, justice, the military occupation and upcoming July elections. The APN formed in 1987 and endorsed Aristide, but now distances itself from the Aristide government.
Resolutions from APN Natl. Congress: A reply
By Stewart R. King, 17 June 1995. A criticism of APN's refusal to work within capitalist institutions.