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Subject: Haiti: Violent Siege

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Subject: Haiti: Violent Siege
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Violent Siege in Haiti

CPTNet, 22 August 1996

The following report by Carla Bluntschli, CPT's co-worker in Haiti, describes recent attacks by former Haitian military personnel in Port-au-Prince.

On Sunday, August 18, bandits of the disbanded Haitian military dressed in their former olive green uniforms used Bazookas, Uzi's, M1's, and other heavy military weapons to launch a highly organized attack on the main police headquarters in Port-au-Prince. Fifteen former military arrested the previous day for plotting to destabilize the government were thought to be detained there.

Bazookas left smoldering war-like craters in the walls of the Parliament building and vehicles with automatic weapons shot at the National Palace throughout the night. One civilian, a 15 year old boy sleeping in the yard, was killed by the bandits during the seige.

The bandits blocked all access roads with armed vehicles and fired at any attempts by police to bring in support. They intercepted police radio communications threatening to kill any officers attempting to respond to calls from the Port-au-Prince headquarters. Eventually Haitian National Police stationed within the headquaters itself were able to secure the building and were finally reinforced by UN troops.

That same night, former president Aristide's private home was shot at. The following night, community members put up barricades in front of Aristide's house to prevent further attack. The next morning, Monday, August 19, a live grenade was discovered at a gas station close to the international airport. After clearing the area, UN forces were able to safely detonate the grenade.

Members of the defunct Haitian military have been threatening terrorist action against the Preval government unless their conditions are met. During a demonstration organized by former military in front of the Parliament building, they declared that the day any member of their organization is arrested, they will attack.

CPT has maintained a violence deterring presence in different parts of Haiti since 1993. A new project scheduled to begin later this month will focuss in part on Cite Soley, a poor section of Port-au-Prince known for gang activity and organizing of former military.