The history of social malaise and deviance in the Republic of Haiti

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Report on my March, 1995, trip to Haiti
By Bob Corbett. Lawlessness under the embargo.
Violent Siege in Haiti
CPTNet, 22 August 1996. On August 18, bandits of the disbanded Haitian military launched an organized attack on the main police headquarters in Port-au-Prince. The defunct Haitian military has threatened terrorist action against the Preval government unless their conditions are met.
Cattle rustling plagues northeast Haiti
This Week in Haiti, Haiti Progres, 20–26 May 1998. A cross-border network of cattle rustlers who are equipped with guns, cars, and motorcycles. The cattle are stolen from Haiti and then sold in the Dominican Republic, and vice versa.
1997 crime statistics
From Rachel Neild, 4 November 1998. The National Police compilation of crime statistics for July to December 1997. Discussion of the crimes of demonstration, strike, and distributing tracts in relation to the constitution.
Terror in Poste Marchand
This Week in Haiti, Haiti Progres 22–28 January 1999. The neighborhood near downtown Port-au-Prince has been overrun by criminals, known as zenglendo, and the police are nowhere to be found. The thieves come and rob and endanger the lives of residents. Trend for police chiefs to participate. Officials threatened if they try to enforce the law.
Violence Between Gangs in Cite Soleil
Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center, Haiti Report, 9 September 2002. The population of the city's largest shantytown recently elevated to the status of commune are on full alert. Many of them have been forced to leave their homes to escape the violence that has engulfed Cite Soleil over the last twenty days. What is new is the mutual killing of rival gang leaders.