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Subject: 16593: Saint-Vil: Re: 16578: Dailey: The Point is the U.S. is Prosper Avril’ accomplice ! (fwd)

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The Point is the U.S. is Prosper Avril’s accomplice!

Dialog from the Haiti list, 31 August 2003

Peter Dailey Wrote:

It is true that an attempt by the GOH in 1995 to arrest Prosper Avril was thwarted when one of Avril’s well-placed American friends tipped him off, enabling him to take refuge in a foreign embassy.

Actually, the text we all received on this list presents things rather differently. It does not speak of an illusive well-placed American friend of Avril. It speaks of a U.S. Embassy political officer and several other employees of the U.S. GOVERNMENT paid by U.S. TAX PAYERS, who were on OFFICIAL DUTY, helping a U.S FUGITIVE get away from justice.

Here is the exact quote dealing with the 1995 event, taken from Corbettlist message 8107 titled Who is Prosper Avril, sent to the list by Max Blanchet and Michèle Karshan on May 30, 2001.

The National Police with judicial order in hand went to search Avril’s house. President Aristide ordered the execution of the warrant but the US Embassy intercepted his short wave radio communications to the police to argue against executing the order for Avril’s arrest. During the delay, Avril fled taking refuge in the Colombian Embassy having been apparently tipped off in advance. It was established that a U.S. Embassy political officer had gone to Avril’s home just hours before the National Police were to arrive. The U.S. official later claimed that his visit was in line with U.S. policy to maintain contact with a broad spectrum of Haitian society. In the course of searching his home police did find arms and ammunition. The irony is that at this time Avril was a fugitive of justice from the U.S. Avril remained in the Colombian Embassy until he could slip out of the country (he is known to have prospered in illicit drug trade and have strong personal contacts with Colombian drug lords).

Peter Daily wrote:

But at some time thereafter Avril left the embassy and returned to his home in Port-au-Prince where he lived for the next six years with no further interference from the Haitian authorities....

....and no effort by the U.S. authorites to arrest this SUPPOSED FUGITIVE from U.S. Justice !!!

Peter Dailey wrote:

It was only when he made the major mistake of criticizing President Aristide that his subsequent troubles began, and he was hauled out of a book-signing party and thrown in prison, where he has languished ever since, despite several courts having ordered his release.

As far as I can tell, Avril’s detention is no different than that on many supposed terrorists in the U.S., Canada, and all over Europe. A crippled Haitian justice system has probably committed all kinds of technical errors in his file. But, the actions of the U.S. which have been quite deliberate in helping this exhibitionist torturer (remember how he displayed the pictures of Evans Paul, Mesyeux, on T.V screens in Haiti) deserve the condemnation of all those who care about justice....

Finally Peter Dailey wrote:

Maybe some of our GOH friends on the list could explain why this is so-as a courtesy.

True that! But, also, perhaps some of our CIA, U.S. embassy and other self-appointed friends of Haiti who also are on this list could explain why they have defended this criminal FUGITIVE of U.S. justice all these years. For, there just might be one or two people, including real journalists, on this list who are interested in, and are capable of handling THE TRUTH.

Ou kwè se bèl ou bèl Makyavèl ?—anverite ou fè m pè w!