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International Day To End Violence Against Women

Update, 15 December 1996

The Haitian Women’s Solidarity Movement (SOFA) designated November 24-25 to commemorate the International Day To End Violence Against Women. SOFA members spent two days discussing the problems of social injustice facing Haitian society today and drew up a strategic plan of action. SOFA’s declaration demanded the ‘abolition of FRAPH, disarmament of armed civilians, and justice and reparations for the victims of the coup.’

Concurrently, various women’s group (Kay Fanm and Rasamblement Fanm Popile) protested in front of the Justice Ministry in Port-au-Prince, calling for the creation of a special judicial panel to try the perpetrators of violence against women.

In addition, the new Minister of Women’s Affairs and Women’s Rights, Therese Guilloteau, gave a press conference outlining the Ministry’s plan for the next three months. The issues Mrs. Guilloteau addressed included: laws pertaining to Haitian women, the relationship between her Ministry and other government agencies, the launching of an educational campaign to promote sensitivity to women’s concerns, training, dissemination of information, the creation of satellite regional offices of the Ministry, the opening of a permanent dialogue between the Ministry and women’s groups and the collaboration of efforts with non-governmental organizations. The Minister noted that women’s organizations are the backbone of the Ministry, and Ministry must promote a framework in which they can develop.