The history of women and gender in the Republic of Haiti

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Women Celebrate International Women's Day
From Haiti Info, 11 March 1995.
Part of a dialog on Bob Corbett's Haiti list, February 1996. SOFA is an acronym for Solidarite Fanm Ayisyen, the Port-au-Prince branch of a women's organization. Information about it sought.
International Day To End Violence Against Women
Update, 15 December 1996. The Haitian Women's Solidarity Movement (SOFA) designated November 24'25 to commemorate the International Day To End Violence Against Women. SOFA members spent two days discussing the problems of social injustice facing Haitian society today and drew up a strategic plan of action. SOFA's declaration demanded the ‘abolition of FRAPH, disarmament of armed civilians, and justice and reparations for the victims of the coup.’
Women in Haiti: Sources
Bob Corbett compiles a list of references for the study of women in Haiti, 30 January 1999.
Police in Haiti detain women's rights activist
Associated Press, 10 March 2003. Activist Carline Simone and her husband, Serge Simone, were arrested because illegal automatic weapons were found in their vehicle. Simone, who heads the woman's rights group Women the Rising Sun, led a demonstration of about 100 people Friday to protest economic conditions in Haiti and call for the resignation of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.