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Subject: 15340: Saint-Vil Re: 15330: Restitution and Reparations related but not the same (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <>

Restitution and Reparations related but not the same

By Jean Saint-Vil, 17 April 2003

1)From 1825 to 1922, the gold was extorted from the State of Haiti by the State of France. Therefore, the restitution should take place between these same two entities.

2) France will only return the stolen gold under major pressure from the global pan-african movement and from justice-conscious white people worldwide. As we know, this issue was raised at Durban (2001) and in Barbados (2002) preceisly by such people who are not easily confused by the kind of sorry excuses Chirac and company use to try to escape the heat of guilt. (Vòlè yo sispèk!).

3) Reparations for slavery and the slave trade is all together an different issue from that of restitution of the glod stolen by France from Haiti. Both movements deal with forcing global white supremacy to face up to its crimes and responsibilities. However, the case of Haiti's restitution movement is much simpler. It involves simply forcing a thief to return a stolen good. The thief is easily identified (The State of France). The owner of the good is easily identified (The State of Haiti). The stolen good is easily quantified (the current value of the 90 millions gold francs ransonmed from 1825 to 1922). The documentation is all official (Charles X ordonance, the 1853 attack by Admiral Duquesne, the 1877 attack etc... to force the resumption of gold extorsion....were all made offically in the name of the State of France). Ladies and gentlemen, the gloves do fit!

The only problem is the fact that global white supremacy is still very powerful yet as morally bankcrupt as ever yet has as many supporters as ever. So, for the sake of racial solidarity and maintenance of the status quo, you will see all kinds of fake Societé des amis des Noirs and Uncle Toms falling all over themselves to help France get away with its crime.

However, Mèsi Bondye, as in the times of slavery, there will also be genuine people of conscience who will stand upright til the very end doing everything necessary to force the thieves to return the stolen gold.