The issue of reparations

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Associated Press, 8 April 2003. France dismissed on Tuesday a Haitian demand to repay billions of dollars handed over by the Caribbean country in the 19th century for recognition of its independence. President Aristide made the demand for restitution on Monday as Haiti marked the 200th anniversary of the death of its founding father, Toussaint Louverture. Aristide put the sum owed by France at $21.7 billion.
Restitution and Reparations related but not the same
By Jean Saint-Vil, 17 April 2003. Restitution of extorted gold; reparations for slavery and slave trade. Genuine people of conscience will stand upright til the very end doing everything necessary to force the thieves to return the stolen gold.
Haiti makes its case for reparations: The meter is running at $34 per second
By J. Damu, guest columnist, Final Call, 10 February 2004. Not only was Haiti the world's first country of enslaved workers to stand up and demand their freedom and independence; now they are the world's first country to stand up to their former slavery-era master, France, and demand the return of its stolen wealth.