Haiti's foreign relations during Aristide's second term

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Will the Vieques bombing range relocate to Haiti?
This Week in Haiti, Haiti Progres, 19–25 January 2000. The U.S. government is looking to move its Vieques bombing ranges to Haiti or Nicaragua, according to Miriam Ramirez de Ferrer, a right-wing Senatorial candidate of the New Progressive Party (PNP), who is very close to Congressional Republicans in Washington.
Intervention of the Permanent Representative of Haiti, Ambassador Raymond Valcin
At the occasion of the oral presentation of the second report on the implementation of Resolution 822Washington, D.C., 17 January 2003. My delegation expresses some uneasiness with the approach and the tone used to describe the current situation in Haiti. As a matter of fact, a curious inversion is produced in the attribution of blame regarding the true authors of the present crisis and the lack of progress in the implementation of Resolution 822.
Haitian government says it can't pay debt backlog
This Week in Haiti, Haiti Progres, 23–29 April 2003. Finance Minister Gustave Faubert said this week that the Haitian government no longer could continue to make payments on its debt arrears to multilateral lending institutions because of Haiti's dwindling foreign reserves.
Pres. Mbeki's speech at Caricom largely about Haiti and 2004 participation
By President Thabo Mbeki, Issued by The Presidency, 30 June 2003. President Mbeki of South Africa explained the victory of the African slaves in Haiti in 1804 is directly linked to the victory of the African oppressed in South African in 1994.
Haitian People and Government Thank Cuba for its Solidarity
AIN, 9 January 2004. The Cuba-Haiti Cooperation Program also includes the presence in that nation of 600 doctors and medical personnel who assist 82% of the Haitian population.
As Hinche falls: Foreign military intervention looms over Haiti
This Week in Haiti, Haiti Progres, 18–24 February 2004. Haiti this week started to look a lot like the Congo in 1960. On Feb. 17, Haiti's former colonial master France craftily offered to send troops to help quell a patchwork rebellion which it has helped foment.