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Subject: [HaitiReport] Haiti Report for December 31, 2003
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New progressive front calls for popular demands to be prioritized

By Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center, Haiti Report, 31 December 2003

A nascent progressive front, composed of 14 socio-political organizations in Haiti, is calling for popular demands to come to the fore in the mobilization in favor of the departure of President Aristide. In a statement communicated to AlterPresse and signed, amongst others, by a former Parliamentary Deputy from the Anti-neoliberal Block, the front's committee comes out in support of the struggle to drive the Lavalas regime from power. This is an important stage in the struggle, the document states. Among the entities taking part in this popular front initiative are the Movement Revolutionnaire Haitien (MRA Haitian Revolutionary Movement), the Groupe de Reflexion et Action Patriotique (GRAP Group for Reflection and Patriotic Action), the Movement pour l'Unite du Peuple des Cayes (MUPAC/Sud Movement for the Unity of People of Les Cayes), the Front de Resistance pour l'Autonomie de l'Universite et la Transformation de la Societe (the Resistance Front for University Autonomy and the Transformation of Society), the Coordination de Resistance de la Grand'Anse (KOREGA/Sud-ouest Grand Anse Resistance Coordination) and the Mouvement des Femmes de l'Artibonite pour le Developpement (MOFADEM/Centre-ouest the Artibonite Women's Movement for Development). (AlterPresse, 12/19)