The government of President Aristide and P.M. Neptune (Jan–Feb 2004)

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Batay Ouvriye, workers rights organization, makes statement on current situation
Haiti Report for December 31, 2003, prepared by Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center. We at BATAY OUVRIYE intimately know the Haitian bourgeoisie and its profoundly anti-worker, anti-people nature. We also know how much it is the very Lavalas regime that has always guaranteed these classes total IMPUNITY in all their exactions and crimes against the working class, poor peasants, workers in general.
New progressive front calls for popular demands to be prioritized
By Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center, Haiti Report, 31 December 2003. A nascent progressive front, composed of 14 socio-political organizations in Haiti, is calling for popular demands to come to the fore in the mobilization in favor of the departure of President Aristide. The groups involved in the front.
Opposition movements in Haiti threaten country's stability
By Tim Collie, South Florida Sun-Sentinal, Friday 6 February 2004. The violent takeover of Haiti's fourth largest city by a slum gang offers a frightening glimpse of one possible future for the impoverished nation: Chaos. Wracked by worsening poverty and political violence, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's government may be losing control over key areas of the country.
Operation Sweatshop
By Chris Floyd, The Moscow Times, 5 March 2004. This week, the Bush administration added another violent regime change notch to its gunbelt, toppling the democratically elected president of Haiti. Although the Haiti coup was widely portrayed as an irresistible upsurge of popular discontent, it was of course the result of years of hard work by Bush's dedicated corrupters of democracy.