Prime Minister Yvon Neptune

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US Marines move to protect Haitian PM as rebels refuse to disarm
AFP, 2 March 2004. Rebels raised the stakes in Haiti's crisis, refusing to disarm and vowing to arrest the prime minister as US Marines scrambled to fill a security vacuum left after president Jean Bertrand Aristide fled into exile.
Haiti's rebels threaten to arrest PM
Xinhuanet, 3 March 2004. Haitian rebels said Tuesday that they would arrest Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, a close ally of former President Aristide. US Marines guarded his office in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince following the arrest threat.
Former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune appears in court in broken legs case
BBC Monitoring Americas, 17 July 2004. Text of report by Haitian Metropole radio on 16 July. Former Lavalas Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, who has been in jail since 27 June after he gave himself up to the Haitian National Police, appeared in court today. The former prime minister was questioned about the bloody events that took place in the School of Social Sciences on 5 December 2003.
Former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune says he is a political prisoner of the current government which he accuses of wishing to destroy Fanmi Lavalas
AHP News, 24 August 2004. In a document that has reached AHP, Yvon Neptune communicated his decision not to collaborate with any hearing based on accusations of a political nature. The former Prime Minister turned himself in to the police following accusations made by NCHR that he was involved in an alleged massacre at La Scierie.