The coup d'état of February 2004

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Haiti's Second Coup
Editor Matthew Rothschild comments on the news of the day, The Progressive, 24 February 2004. The first coup by President Clinton, and the second under Bush. Relations with the U.S. Danger of civil war.
Another military intervention in Haiti
By Lidice Valenzuela, Granma International Online, 3 March 2004. Aristide stated that he was kidnapped and the victim of a coup undertaken with the complicity of Washington, whose authorities took him to the Central African Republic, where he is in the custody of French soldiers. In a telephone interview with CNN, Aristide said that a group of U.S. soldiers came to his residence and forced him to sign a document resigning from his position.
Aristide Talks With Democracy Now! About the Leaders of the Coup and U.S. Funding of the Opposition in Haiti
Democracy Now!, 17 March 2004. Interview of Jean-Bertrand Aristide with Amy Goodman, Pt.II. He discusses his time as president, the first coup, and the disbanding of the military.
The Haiti Crisis: Aristide Is Not the Issue
By Bill Fletcher, Jr., Dollars & Sense magazine, May/June 2004. What took place this February was not simply the ouster of an individual, but the termination of constitutional rule. The complications that President Aristide found himself facing as a result of the conditions that he accepted when he was returned to power in 1994.