The government of P.M. Latortue and Pres. Alexandre and (Mar.2004–)

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Pression syndicale en Haïti pour les droits de l'homme
CFDT, 27 February 2004. La CFDT a participé à la délégation internationale venue demander la libération de 10 syndicalistes haïtiens. Ils demander la libération d'une dizaine de leaders syndicaux haïtiens, emprisonnés depuis le 24 janvier pour avoir organisé une réunion… Chef d'inculpation : association de malfaiteurs et complot contre la sécurité intérieure de l'État.
Aristide leaves Haiti; Supreme Court justice installed as president
CNN, Sunday 29 February 2004. Supreme Court Chief Justice Boniface Alexandre was installed Sunday as president of Haiti. The U.S. State Department will back the interim government until elections can be held. The US. said that the new government would likely be restructured to give more power to the prime minister and less to the president.
Former president endorses Haiti's government
BBC News, 18 March 2004. Leslie Manigat, who served as president of Haiti for four months in 1988, has backed Haiti's new interim government as controversy continues over the appointment of the 13-member non-political government.
Haiti Report for April 15, 2004
Prepared by Haiti Reborn/Quixote Center. News reports on the new government, repression of Famni Lavalas, the rebels, U.S. training of the rebels, civil liberty reports, resurgent military, election agreement and new CEP. aid.