The history of teachers in the Republic of Haiti

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Trade Unionist beaten in Haiti
ICFTU Online..., 11 July 2002. ICFTU protest the policy of repression against trade unionists pursued by the Aristide government. The severe beating in late June of Pepe Jean-Getro, General Secretary of a Haitian teachers union (Groupe d'Initiative des Enseignants des Lycées) and member of the Haitian Trade Union Coordination Group (CSH).
Haitian teachers stage strike
EFE News Service, Hoover's Online, January 16, 2003. Haitian elementary and middle school teachers began a 48-hour strike Thursday to protest the rising cost of living, a day after they returned to work from another two-day walkout called by transportation unions.
Thousands of Haitian teachers strike
By Jane Regan, The Miami Herald, Friday 17 January 2003. More than 15,000 public school teachers began a two-day walkout to protest working conditions and high fuel prices and to demand a 250 percent cost-of-living raise. Five teachers' unions called the strike. A number of private schools in the capital closed their doors in solidarity.
Teachers’ strike in the south-west
Haiti Press Network, Thursday 13 November 2003. In the south-western town of Jérémie, teachers are on strike for a second week to press their demand for the replacement of the departmental education director, M. Jean Richard Joseph.