IT, media and telecommunications in the Republic of Haiti

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Seminaire Internet professionel en Haiti
From Daniel Pimienta, 2 April 1997. L'Association Reseaux et developpement (FUNREDES) organise son premier seminaire Internet pour professionels en Haiti. FUNREDES is an association of universities, NGOs, and government institutions (in French).
Haiti TLD
An exchange of letters regarding the Haiti TLD, 16 May 1997. The privatization of Haitian Internet.
Haitians say they are ready for the Internet
By Anna Wardenburg, Reuters, 7 July 1998. A few determined entrepreneurs are battling to bring the Internet, considered a gateway to the next century, to this impoverished country where most residents have missed out on many of the technological breakthroughs of this one.
Cyberspace is striving in Haiti
1 February 1999. Cybercafes and the Haitian rich.
Blackout en Haiti
From Port Haiti, Thu 14 October 1999. Depuis le 27 septembre le plus grand fournisseur d'acces internet en Haiti (ACN, Alpha Communications Network) est ferme, par decision du CONATEL (Conseil National des Telecommunications), l'organisme de regulation. Le CONATEL en veut a Internet parce que la compagnie nationale de telephone, la TELECO (entreprise d'Etat) a un manque a gagner sur les appels internationaux.
Situation Internet en Haiti: le point
From Daniel Pimienta <>, 5 November 1999. Nous avons émis un appel international pour protester la perte de l'accès à la majorité des utilisateurs de l'Internet. Funredes vient de réfuter ses arguments en défense de la fermeture du principal ISP du pays, pionner de l'Internet.
TELECOM Haiti Offers Hughes Network Systems' DIRECWAY Broadband Services
Hughes Network Systems press release, 14 May 2003. Hughes Network Systems (HNS), which it markets under the DIRECWAY(R) brand, announced today that TELECOM Haiti has signed a contract as a value-added provider offering DIRECWAY two-way, high-speed Internet access services to corporations, small businesses, educational institutions and consumers throughout Haiti.
Haiti kisses ICANN ring, rewarded with control over own domain
By Kieren McCarthy, 14 January 2004. Control over the entire .ht domain, representing the Caribbean island of Haiti, is to be given to the government-supported consortium FDS/RDDH. Context is division over who controls the Internet, the semi-autonomous private Californian company still beholden to the US government, ICANN, or the international standards body responsible for telecommunications across the globe, ITU.