The history of radio communications in the Republic of Haiti

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Attacks and threats against Radio Cap-Haitien journalists; Radio Voix de l'Ave Maria offices ransacked
International Freedom of Expression eXchange Clearing House, 16 November 1995. On 15 November 1995, Evelyne Toussaint, head of the Radio Cap-Haitien radio station, was attacked by a popular demonstration against Radio Cap-Haitien because it supported the Duvalier dictatorship. Protestors also vandalize the Catholic radio station because they feared it was a repository of weapons in the hands of their class enemy.
A Beacon of Hope in Haiti
Berkeley know-how helps homeless youth run radio station. By Judith Scherr, San Francisco Chronicle, 6 October 1998. Radyo Timoun, the Children's Radio project.
News media in Haiti
27 January 1999. Media Studies Center surveys print and radio media that covers Haitian news.
Senators Baulk at Testifying in Journalist Assassination Case
By Ives Marie Chanel, IPS, 6 February 2000. Haiti Inter protest of remarks made by pro government senators opposed to the subpoena of Senator Dany Toussain, who was to testify on the assassination of Haiti Inter's Jean L. Dominique.
Who killed Jean Dominique? (3 April 2000–3 April 2001)
Reporters Without Borders, 3 April 2001. Reaction to the murder of Haiti's noteworthy radio journalist and political commentator, Jean Dominique. He aligned himself with the Lavalas movment, the peasantry and the poor, which in Haiti's highly-stratified society, meant he was called a traitor to his class. His station began the first systematic broadcasting in Creole.
Haitian Radio Station to Close After Renewed Threats to Staff
Reuters, 22 February 2003. Radio Haiti Inter will shut down because we have been subject to constant threats. We have lost three lives—Jean Dominique, Jean-Claude Louissaint and Maxime Seide—and we refuse to lose another one.
Supporters of the opposition working as part of RAMICOS attack Radio Pyramide again in Saint-Marc (and other stories)
Agence Haitian de Presse, 14 January 2004. Armed men who belong to an organization named RAMICOS, which is close to the opposition, sacked the facilities of Radio Pyramide in Saint Marc at the conclusion of an anti-government demonstration organized by supporters of the opposition who chanted slogans hostile to the sectors presumed to be close to the governing party.