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Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 01:20:43 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: PNEWS:[Apr3]-Cuba -Rare Positive
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topic: Cuba, Rare and Positive 31 March 1995

Cuba - Rare and Positive

By J. Clancy <>
31 March, 1995

Despite the power-crazed northern oppressors, Cuba is growing in strength and confidence by the day. Not much food but plenty to sing about and many new friends. Ariel Francais, permanent rep. of the UN Development Program in Cuba maintains that in terms of social integration, the battle against poverty and a host of social, medical and education advances, Cuba is in a position to give helpful advice to others. Many other countries are far behind Cuba in these matters -through no fault of their working people.

The United Nations system is cooperating with every sector of Cuban development even in the construction of the Cienfuegos nuclear energy plant. At the request of the Cuban govt. the UN is cooperating in economic and admin'n reform, training and investments, taxation, budgets and planning.

Much international assistance is happening in the restoration of tourist/cultural sites like Havana's Chinatown by its remaining 600 Chinese descendents of slave ships bringing cheap labor in 1850's from so far away. 40 members of France's famous Maxim's business Club, representing firms in tobacco, textile, cosmetics, perfume, hotel, industrial and tourism have been mucho impressed by Cuban possibilities and wish to add to current French interests. Cooperation by Spanish Agencies provides $5 million a year towards schools, medicines, powdered milk, dairy expertise, restorations, as well as joint research projects in both Cuba and Spain.

It is a rare event for any 'Third World' country like Cuba to be able to host continuing large international forums for trade, health,UN and other NGOs science and Biotechnology. All visitors realise that US is engaging in open warfare on the Cuban system, while maintaining a harsh repressive force against its own poor, black people and the peoples of Africa Latin America and other nations. Cuba is generous with its own talents and human resources to those suffering colonialist armed power, greed and hate.

Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban National Assembly, in referring to the Bill presently under discussion in the US Congress, which is designed to force all countries of the world to abide by the US wishes on its 'Bloqueo', said, "They will never govern here again, someone should explain to the USA that they cannot enslave or dominate the whole world". The arrogance of US Administrations is typified by a new decree allowing their citizens to holiday-visit family members on Guantanamo Base. Perhaps that decision resulted from the loss of tourism receipts in Florida, due to the increasing numbers of murders of tourists in that state?

So while the killings continue of other peoples and cultures by racial "superior," wealth "Superior", US leaders, Cuba goes on its merry respected way with a new, world-first, humane, people-caring kind of democracy. Millionaires may understand this, billionaires never. The patient, wise voice of Fidel Castro can only appeal for reason from such people. But their envy, fury and greed prefers, it seems, the normal American way --bombs, slaughter, total destruction, death squads and permanent slavery of any survivors, as in Haiti Chiapas and elsewhere, with NO human rights, NO social justice. THOSE are reserved for "kind" old oligarchies and money-changers in the white, christian, over-developed world.