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Cuba and the wider world

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   The contemporary political history in general of Cuba

Cuba - Rare and Positive
By J. Clancy, 31 March, 1995. In many ways, Cuba represents a model for world society.
Statement on Cuba's National Day
By the African National Congress, 26 July 1995. Re South Africans in exile and US blockade.
Solidarity with Cuba more crucial than ever
By Greg Butterfield, New York, 20 October 1995. A high-ranking Cuban delegation is expected in New York Oct. 21-22 to attend ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of the UN. The same weekend, supporters of the socialist island and opponents of the United States economic blockade will rally.
`Internationalism contributed to victory'
South Africa president Nelson Mandela addresses Cuba solidarity conference, the Militant, 23 October 1995. Re, Madela's visit to Cuba in 1961 and impressions of Fidel Castro. Southern Africans deeply indebted to the Cuban people. Most South Africans reject the premises of the Cold War and prefer diplomatic relations and multilateral ties of co-operation with Cuba. US pressure.
IFCO-Pastors for Peace 1996 Construction Work Brigade to Cuba
From IFCO-Pastors for Peace, 30 January 1996. As a result of the US embargo, the people of Cuba suffer from a housing shortage. Volunteers asked to help by joining an IFCO/Pastors for Peace Work Brigade to Cuba and build housing in Cuba's first working class barrio, Pogolotti, in Marianao.
Cuba caravan resists gov't repression
By Andy McInerney, Workers World, 22 February 1996. Confrontation between the U.S. government and opponents of the U.S. blockade of Cuba sharpens. Federal police served the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization - Pastors for Peace with a subpoena to testify before a grand jury
NW signs twinning agreement with Santiago de Cuba
North West Communication Service media release, 26 February 1996. Province of Santiago de Cuba and North West Province in South Africa enter into fraternal relation.
Letter from Alice Walker to President Bill Clinton
By Alice Walker, 13 March 1996. The noted African-American author expresses her pain at Clinton's tightening the Cuba blockade. Reasons for her sympathy for the suffering in Cuba resulting from the embargo.
Revolt in the OAS: Latin countries condemn U.S. anti-Cuba law
By John Catalinotto, Workers World, 20 June 1996. The Organization of American States broke with its entire history on June 5 when every member except the United States voted to criticize the U.S. government for intensifying the blockade against socialist Cuba.
Nation of Islam chief visits Cuba
By Karen Lee Wald, 6 September 1996. Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, and a delegation of 20 members of the American Muslim movement, called for an end to US use of its military might and economic embargoes against countries such as Cuba, Libya and Iraq, for they cause great and needless suffering among their peoples.
Official Guatemalan Delegation to Visit Cuba; Other Countries Follow Suit
Centr-Am News, Sept. 13-19 1998. A group of some 50 Guatemalan business people, led by Guatemalan vice president Luis Flores, began a five-day visit to Cuba to explore the possible sale of fruits and vegetables, promotion and investment in Cuban tourism and establishing clothing and shoe factories.
Muhammad Ali Brings Humanitarian Aid to Cuba
Centr-Am News, September 13-19 1998. Muhammad Ali and actor Edward Asner brought a donation of medicines and medical equipment, and Muhammad Ali had previously brought aid valued at $500,000. Ali and Asner coordinate their efforts for aid to Cuba with the U.S.-based Disarm Education Fund. Calls for an end to the embargo.