The contemporary political history of the Republic of Cuba

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Marxism and the Future of Cuban Revolution
Articles from La Gaceta, March-October 1994. Excerpts discuss some of the political challenges facing the Cuban revolution today. The first two articles refer to an international symposium held in Havana by Casa de las Americas on the Peruvian revolutionary leader Jose Carlos Mariategui, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.
Human beings are the most important, says Cuban youth
By Margrethe Siem, The Militant, 11 April 1995. Cuban youth at Texas University speak of socialist society in which people are supposed to come first.
Cuba reportedly arrests ex-CIA agent, arms dealer
By Charles Zeps, Arctan Consulting, 16 September 1995. Frank Terpil, one of the most notorious fugitives from U.S. justice, was detained in Havana during investigation of his business practices on the island.
Che Guevara's Memory
By J. Clancy, 25 October 1995. A Granma correspondent reflects back upon his meeting Che Guevara at the Algiers economic seminar in 1965. Guevara's revolutionary vision.

Political institutions

Cuba confronts challenge of ‘special period’
By Emile Schepers, People's Weekly World, 21 October 1995. Fundamental in meeting the economic challenges of the Special Period is grassroots democracy based on local Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).