About President Fidel Castro

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Speaking for most of humanity
The Militant editorial, 30 October 1995. Castro speaks for the world's masses. International protests of the US blockade.
Fidel gets hero's welcome in Bronx and Harlem
By Deirdre Griswold, in People's Weekly World, 2 November 1995. Castro's great popularity in the African-American and Latino communities in the US.
Cuba at the crossroads—in Fidel's words
By Judith McCullough, Workers World, 1 August 1996. The book, Cuba at the Crossroads, is a collection of recent speeches by President Fidel Castro published by Ocean Press in collaboration with the Workers World Party.
CIA offered Chicago mob boss $150,000 to kill Castro
By Laura Myers, Chicago Sun_Times, 2 July 1997. The CIA offered the late Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana $150,000 to assassinate Fidel Castro in the early 1960s, but the mob insisted on taking the job for free, according to a newly declassified document.
Audience in Harlem Cheers Castro
By Anita Snow, The Washington Post, 10 September 2000. Castro has great fondness for Harlem and for black Americans in general, having first visited the neighborhood during a 1960 trip to the UN. At that time, refused at the Shelburne Hotel in midtown, the delegation of bearded guerrillas who had recently assumed power in Cuba moved to Harlem's Hotel Theresa. Thousands of Harlem residents crowded the streets to cheer them.
Fidel Castro visits New York City
By Teresa Gutierrez, New York, Workers World, 21 September 2000. Fidel Castro at Riverside Church on Sept. 8 2000 during the week of the United Nations Millennium Summit. The Evening of Solidarity with the People of Cuba on Sept. 8 was an event that will be recorded in the chronicles of revolutionary history.