Speaking for most of humanity

The Militant editorial,
Vol. 59, no. 40. 30 October, 1995

"I speak on behalf of the children of the world who don't even have a piece of bread. I speak on behalf of the sick who lack medicine. I speak on behalf of those who have been denied the right to life and to human dignity."

- Fidel Castro at the United Nations, Oct. 12, 1979

The last time Cuban president Fidel Castro visited the United Nations he spoke there for the "immense majority of humanity." Today revolutionary Cuba continues to maintain its place in the world fighting for the rights of the oppressed and exploited, and presenting an example worth emulating. That is why Washington hates Cuba and why thousands around the world have mobilized in actions this October in solidarity with Cuba and to demand an end to the U.S. economic war against that Caribbean island.

As this issue of the Militant goes to press, activists in the Northeast of the United States are making the last efforts to mobilize support for the October 21 demonstration in New York City to counter Washington's aggression.

The successful actions so far in South Africa, India, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and in Chicago and San Francisco in the United States, are testament to the fact that Cuba is not alone in the world.

From the earliest days of the Cuban revolution, Washington has attempted to weaken, divide, and plot to overthrow the government and the communist leadership of Cuba. But at every turn its plans have been thwarted by the fact that the working class of Cuba has confidence in itself and its revolutionary leadership. And in spite of the obstacles put in their way, the working people of Cuba remain capable and determined to defend the revolution's socialist course and their government.

Washington must also contend with the vocal opposition to its policies around the world. The U.S. rulers have been unable to isolate the Cuban revolution from the workers, farmers, and youth of the globe. In fact, more and more young people today are becoming interested in why Washington's cold war against Cuba doesn't end. All who oppose Washington's economic embargo and travel ban directed against Cuba, support normal relations between the United States and the Caribbean island, and respect Cuba's right to self-determination have an opportunity to do more.

Besides making last-minute efforts to maximize the turnout at the October 21 march, defenders of Cuba have a chance and an obligation to mobilize to welcome the Cuban delegation to the United Nations at the Cuban Mission in New York and to counter right-wing mobilizations called for the same time period against the revolutionary government in Havana.

In coming months, activists in many countries will be involved in bringing Cuban youth and others to their countries to learn about the revolution. These tours can be built in a big way with an eye toward involving new forces. Visits and brigades to Cuba are also in the works and can help to spread the knowledge and solidarity with socialist Cuba.

For the same reasons that Clinton, Helms, and company loathe and attack the Cuban revolution, working people and youth should come to its defense. The best way to do this is to continue the day-to-day work of building activities and coalitions in defense of Cuba in every city.

In the next few days, the task is clear:

All out for October 21 and the mobilizations at the Cuban Mission in New York City!

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