African American solidarity with Cuba

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Black groups in Houston welcome Cuban diplomat
By Joanne Gavin, Workers World, 5 December 1996. If we were to look for a single reason to justify the Cuban Revolution, the struggle against racism would be enough, says Dagoberto Rodriguez, First Secretary of the Cuban Interests Section in the U.S.
Labor & youth delegates meet Assata Shakur
Workers World, 14 August 1997. On Aug. 3, delegates from the U.S./ Cuba Labor Exchange and the International Festival of Youth and Students met in Havana with former Black Panther leader Assata Shakur.
Havana Healing: Castro's Minority Scholarship Plan
By Hisham Aidi,, 1 March 2001. Castro reprimanded the US for failing to take care of its poor and disadvantaged, and offered to provide six years of free medical education and training in Cuba for hundreds of low-income minority students in the US. The Congressional Black Caucus recently decided to take Castro up on his offer, and is putting together a board of admissions and developing a selection process.