Fidel Castro's visit to Harlem

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Statement on Castro
By Assata Shakur, delivered at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, Harlem, NY, 23 October 1995. African-American political prisoners and the blockade of Cuba.
Fidel Castro a guest of the Harlem Community
By Thami Madinane, 23 October 1995. On Sunday, October 22, Fidel Castro was a guest of the Harlem community, the same community which warmly embraced him 35 years ago. His speech at the Abyssinian Church of Rev. Butts was powerful and well received and he reinterated very similar themes as contained in Mandela's speech.
Fidel Castro in Harlem
By Carolyn A. Brown, AfrLabor list, 25 October 1995. Many people there felt that the African American community has always welcomed Fidel.
Fidel Castro cheered at Harlem meeting
By Jarvis Tyner, People's Weekly World, 28 October 1995. Almost 1,600 Harlemites and solidarity activists packed the Abyssinian Baptist Church to give a hero's welcome to Fidel Castro, the president of Cuba.
Cuba Shed Its Blood Against Racism: Cuban President Gets Rousing Welcome In Harlem
By Argiris Malapanis, The Militant, 6 November 1995. From the U.N. to a meeting with Puerto Rican businessmen in a Bronx restaurant, the event that captured the appeal of the Cuban revolution to many working people—especially Blacks, Puerto Ricans, and other Latinos—was the meeting at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem on Sunday, October 22.
Cuba Wins US Hearts and Minds
By Ulises Lescaille, Granma staff reporter, 20 November 1995. Unreported details of Fidel's stay in New York. The march. New York Casa de las Americas. Invitations and meetings. Fidel at the Abysinnia Baptist Church. Meeting with Puerto Ricans.