African-American internationalism

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Nigerian embassy rally
By Gus Constantine, The Washington Times, Page C3, Tuesday 16 January 1996. Black homeless hired to stage a counter a protest against Nigeria's current government by, evidently, Nigerian bourgeoisie resident in the U.S.
Current Conflict in Israel and the Occupied Territories
Statement by the National Coordinating Committee (CC) of the Black Radical Congress (BRC), 7 October 2000. Reading and viewing reports of police suppression of demonstrations by Israel's Arab minority, which has mobilized on an unprecedented scale in solidarity with its Palestinian brothers and sisters, we nod in recognition.
Put Life and Love Before Profit and War
By Charles E. Simmons, 1 May 2001. The impact of globalization on labor. It has already led to the unemployment of a third of the African American workers in American inner cities. It was fitting that the rally in downtown Detroit retraced the steps of former runaway slaves escaping to Canada to get away from the Free Trade in humans in the early days of globalization.
Black America and Bush's New World Order
Letter to readers by Glen Ford, Co-publisher, The Black Commmentator, 3 October 2002. The only thing Black that wants to go to war with Iraq is Condoleezza Rice, and she has told too many lies to be taken seriously. One wonders if Colin Powell, who is brilliant, will ever muster the courage to quit mouthing the foul script, and say the words he knows to be true.
Black resistance to racist war
By Monica Moorehead, Workers World, 10 April 2003. The overwhelming majority of Black people across the United States are against Bush's war. Some felt a strong sense of solidarity with the Iraqi people because, like Black people here, the Iraqis are victims of a racist war by the U.S. government.
Why Blacks Oppose and Fight War
Opinion by Gary Younge, Arab News, Al-Jazeerah, 12 August 2003. If America's achievements in race relations are exemplary then someone forgot to tell African-Americans—that section of the population most likely to be unemployed, poor, without health care, imprisoned, executed and arrested. And if war is the best way to remedy these ills, nobody told them that either.
The long deep slide
The Black Commentator, issue 71, 1 January 2004. The saga of victory and defeat that has shaped Black America since 1950 was within the context of relentless expansion of global U.S. power. This national dynamic opened more spaces, more quickly, than Jim Crow could possibly restrict. However, the U.S. is fated to shrink as the world withdraws from entanglements with the the U.S. empire, and Black America must therefore prepare for a long period of retrenchment.
Congressional Black Caucus Attacked for its Support of Haiti
Haiti Report, 9 January 2004. Despite the growing opposition, Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) officially is not backing away from its longstanding support of Aristide. CBC members have made it clear that they support the sovereign government of Haiti.