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The 24 February 1996 incident

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   The contemporary political history in general of Cuba

Note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba on February 24 events
News from Cuba, daily Cuban news from Havana / United States Cuban Interests Section, 25 February 1996. Unofficial translation.
Second Note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba
News from Cuba, daily Cuban news from Havana / United States Cuban Interests Section, 26 February 1996. Unofficial translation.>/dd>
Cuba downs Miami planes
From Weekly News Update on the Americas, 25 Feburary 1996.
Statement by the pilot of the counterrevolutionary organization, Brothers to the Rescue
From the NTW 8:00 PM News Edition, 26 February 1996.
Statement of 26 February, 1996
By the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
US-Cuba relations shot down
By Karen Lee Wald, Havana. 26 February 1996.
Rush to Judgment
By Jamie York, 26 February 1996.
Socialist candidates condemn U.S. threats against Cuba
Workers World press release, 27 February 1996.
Denounce provocations against Cuba!
Statement by the Communist Party of Canada, Marxist-Leninist (CPCML), 27 February 1996.
Statement of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Regarding Recent Events in Cuba
27 February 1996.
Cuba was not wrong!
By Lisa Pease, 27 February 1996.
Some additional items about the Cuba situation
By Steve Martinot. 28 February 1996.
Jose Basulto Leon: Background
By Peter Dale Scott, in Lisa Pease's Real History Archives, 28 February 1996.
Dialog on ACTIV-L on Cuba and sabre rattling
29 February 1996.
Crossette, Cuba, & and Times: CIA propaganda
By Lisa Pease, 1 March 1996.
Violence against Cuba leads to downing of planes
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 2 March 1996.
Stop the provocations against Cuba
Editorial from the People's Weekly World, 2 March 1996.
Cuba incident: a view from Miami
By Karen Wald, Havana, 2 March 1996.
Hostility toward Cuba not in the interest of most Americans
Statement by the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, 5 March 1996.
US tries to frame Cuba
By Karen Lee Wald in Green Left Weekly, 6 March 1996. US blames Cuba for downing the intruding aircraft.
Address by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Mr. Roberto Robaina
At the resumption of the 50th session of the U.N. General Assembly, 6 March 1996.
Cuban Gov't: "We have the right to defend our nation"
Compilation from statements by the Cuban Foreign Ministry and Karen Wald's report on a Feb. 26 Havana news conference. By Ricardo Alarcon, Workers World, 7 March 1996.
Cuba under attack: U.S. Gov't uses plane incident to tighten blockade
By Richard Becker in Workers World, 7 March 1996.
Revolutionary gov't responds to provocations
By Steve Clark in the Militant, 11 March 1996.