Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 02:12:57 GMT
Sender: Activists Mailing List <ACTIV-L@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU>
From: CPCML <>
Subject: Denounce Provocations Against Cuba!

Denounce provocations against Cuba!

Statement by the CPCML, 27 February, 1996

U.S. chieftain Bill Clinton and others in the U.S. are shedding crocodile tears about the fate of the four pilots who were engaged in hostile activities against Cuba, over Cuban territory. Far from taking measures to stop these dangerous provocations and adventures against Cuba, U.S. imperialist chieftain Clinton is trying to find fault with the Cuban authorities and the Cuban revolution for taking resolute action to end these dangereous provocations over their own territory by shooting down the two planes on Saturday, February 24.

These planes, which were shot down in Cuban airspace by the Cuban armed forces of the revolution, originated from United States territory. This is further proof that the U.S. imperialist state is a terrorist state and sponsors terrorism against other countries. The justice and peace-loving people of the world cannot but resolutely condemn this sponsorship of terrorism against the people of Cuba and other countries.

The Cuban authorities stated justly that they had issued repeated warnings against these intrusions, provocations and adventures against their sovereignty. Last July 13, 1995 and more recently on January 9 and 13, 1996 the same counter-revolutionary organization, which claims to be merely engaged in mercy missions to rescue rafters fleeing the island, went right over the city of Havana and dropped thousands of leaflets in an attempt to incite the population. They even bragged about reaching Havana unscathed and showed their own video of their "mercy" mission over Havana on U.S. national television. This latest "mission" was comprised of three airplanes, one of which stayed just outside of Cuban airspace while the other two headed for Havana. According to a statement issued by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs: at 15:15 an internal communication was picked up that they were headed for Havana. This provocation was organized to coincide with the celebrations to mark the 101st Anniversary of the Cuban War of Independence. The people of Havana at that very moment were participating in carnival festivities. The fact that these planes originated from U.S. territory is a further proof that this organization and its backers U.S. imperialism refused to heed repeated Cuban warnings to desist from these hostile actions or face the consequences. These activities, which are repetitions of earlier provocations, are designed to further increase tension between the U.S. and Cuba.

TML Daily resolutely denounces this latest provocation against Cuba and condemns U.S. imperialism for its sponsorship of terrorism and terrorist attacks. U.S. imperialism must not use its territory in order to interfere in the internal affairs of Cuba.

When it does not get its way, U.S. imperialism resorts to violence and interference and this is precisely what it is doing now against Cuba. We condemn this interference with the utmost contempt it deserves and demand that U.S. imperialism end all hostile actions against Cuba, including the blockade, and let Cuba chart its own course. We reiterate our full support for the right of Cuba to defend its sovereignty. What is the democratic right to sovereignty without the right to defend it?