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Subject: Cuba was not Wrong!

Cuba was not wrong!

By Lisa Pease, 27 February, 1996

Protest US Government Disinformation and the strong-arming of the UN on our behalf now!

The Cubans did nothing wrong when they shot down the "civilian" planes for the following reasons:

  1. The "civilians" were anti-Castro Cubans with long histories of cooperation with the CIA.
  2. The CIA has a long history of aggression against the island of Cuba and the Cubans have a right to self-protection.
  3. The overflights were made on a significant Cuban holiday - the celebration of their independence day holiday, a provocative act.
  4. The same pilots who were shot down had just days before flown a leafletting raid over Cuba. As some in Cuba said, they could as easily have been dropping bombs as leaflets, and this was terrifying to those on the ground.
  5. The group involved, Brothers to the Rescue, was founded and is headed by a CIA agent named Jose Basulto. Read about him in Peter Wyden's book Bay of Pigs: The untold story and in Peter Dale Scott's book Deep Politics. Also check out the references in Namebase and CIABASE, provided below:

Cuba, 61 Jose basulto, cia's contact person in oriente, cuba in 1961, Used fake driver's license in name of enersto martinez. Wyden, p. (1979). Bay of pigs the untold story 256

George bush's second eldest son, john ellis or jeb, also linked to Clandestine schemes in support of contras. Jeb acted as reagan adm's Unofficial link with contras and nicaraguan exiles in miami. Jeb helped Right-wing guatemalan politician dr. Mario castejon get in contact with Oliver north re various projects. Castejon proposal re medical aid project For contras. Castejon proposal to tgs international limited in virginia. Whaley said he sent report to tgs so it would be quietly forwarded to cia. Tgs international owned by ted shackley. Jeb involved with miguel recarey, Jr, a right-wing cuban who headed international medical centers (imc) in Miami. Hhs medicare fraud inspector charged imc used medicare funds to Treat wounded contras at its hospital. Transaction arranged by imc official Jose basulto, a right-wing cuban trained by cia. Recarey embezzling Medicare funds. Recarey has links to mafia - info re santos trafficante. Recarey fled u.s. In 87 to avoid federal indictment. Jeb bush also linked To leonel martinez, miami-based cuban-american drug trafficker who linked To eden pastora. Details re martinez's deals. Ties to bcci, etc. Covert Action information bulletin (now covert action quarterly) summer 92 54-58

An article "family values" by stephen pizzo on three sons of george bush. John ellis bush, 39, miami. Jeb received support from miami's right-wing Cuban community. Involved in a number of business scandals and republican Party politics - including medicaid fraud and shady s&l deals. Hired by Cuban-american developer armando codina and became business partners. Mentions broward federal savings, j. Edward houston and taxpayers lost $4 Million. Discusses relationship with camilo padreda who was involved Earlier with jefferson savings and loan association in mcallen, texas. Jeb And miguel recarey and international medical centers (imc). Imc "crawled With former spooks." jeb lobbied hhs for a special exemption from hhs rules For imc. Recarey's brother, jorge, also had ties to cia. Recarey defrauding Medicare. Recarey using former spooks to wiretap imc employees. After Convicted, recarey resigned from imc and replaced by john ward. Recarey Skipped country. Jeb and contras. Possibly imc involved in funding contras. Veteran cia operative jose basulto told wall street journal in 87 that he Attended meetings at imc along with contra leader adolfo calero and felix Rodriguez. Basulto also said he personally brought sick and wounded contras To imc hospitals in miami, where they received free medical treatment. Former hhs agent leon weinstein carey, his hospital, and his Clinics were treating wounded contras from nicaragua... And part of $30 Million a month he was treat medicare patients was used to set Up field hospitals for contras." jeb and "manny" diaz. Manuel c. Diaz, is Another jeb business associate. Manny associated with charles keating, jr. Mother Jones 10/92 30-3


Cuba 1961-62

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Lisa Pease

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