Stop the provocations against Cuba

Editorial from the People's Weekly World,
2 March, 1996

The intrusion of three Miami-based airplanes into Cuban airspace last Feb. 24 was the latest in a string of incursions on Cuban territory in recent months by an outfit that calls itself Brothers to the Rescue. Behind the humanitarian facade, these are hardened criminals, veterans of the CIA Bay of Pigs invasion.

Last July and again in January they dumped hundreds of thousands of leaflets calling for the overthrow of President Castro. Instead of halting these dangerous provocations launched from U.S. soil, President Clinton denounces Cuba for exercising its right of self-defense.

The administration prattles about the unwarranted shoot-down of "civilian aircraft." How would the they react if three aircraft from Cuba buzzed the White House and dumped leaflets in the Rose Garden calling for an insurrection? Is that battery of anti-aircraft missiles mounted on the White House roof for shooting clay pigeons?

These CIA-orchestrated provocations are aimed at destroying the Cuban revolution and Cuban national sovereignty. The Cuban people have suffered 32 years of terrorist attacks by these Miami-based gangsters and have every right to defend themselves.

There is another angle to this incident. Right-wing extremists in the U.S., fearful of losing majority control of the House and Senate in November have been forced onto the defensive -- where no provocation is too great if it helps win elections.

Florida -- a state where Cuban-exile extremists are determined to call the shots -- holds its primary election in two weeks. What better opportunity to for the right to regain the initiative and how better to do it than to spill blood by creating an incident with Cuba?

Mas Canosa and his like can not be allowed to dictate U.S. relations with Cuba

We must give our answer: End the blockade! Full diplomatic and trade with Cuba now!

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