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Exile intervention in Cuba

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   Contemporary political history in general of Cuba

Cuba 1959 to 1980s: The Unforgivable Revolution
From a chapter in Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II, by William Blum, (Common Courage Press, 1995). In the 1970s more than 100 serious terrorist incidents in the United States for which Omega 7 and other groups claimed responsibility, the most violent of which was the blowing up up of a Cubana Airlines plane in 1976. CIA documents later revealed that the CIA was at least cognizant of their plan.
The Myth of the Miami Monolith
By Jon Elliston, in NACLA Report on the Americas, 12 October 1995. Cubans in US not at all unified in opposition to Cuban government.
By the Casa de las Americas, 28 February 1996. Sobre los planes y las acciones subversivas de los grupos ultraderechistas de Miami, incluidas continuas violaciones de nuestro espacio maritimo y aereo.
Cuban-Americans denounce anti-Cuba measures
By David Perez in Workers World, 7 March 1996.
Terrorist provocations against Cuba
A selection of items retrieved from news sources, 1992-96, by Ruch Wayne Millar, Saksatoon, Canada, 18 April 1996. Brief excerpts from online news services, radio reports, magazines and other sources.
Silk gloves to kill the revolution
By Nicanor Leon Cotayo, Prensa Latina, 30 August 1996. One of the front organizations utilized by the U. S. government to carry out subversive plans against Cuba is the Washington-based Freedom House Foundation. Its leader is the Cuban exile, Frank Calzon, has since his arrival in the US in 1960 has specialized in propaganda campaigns against Cuba under the sponsorship of CIA.
The United States: Hawk or Dove?
By Nicanor Leon Cotayo, Granma, [18 February 1997]. Innumerable terrorist attacks against Cuba over the last 37 years. The onslaught has not let up, and are almost always based in U.S. territory. In general they have not been arrested or punished, despite the FBI's aggressive pursuit of all other fascist groups.
Atone for the Past as a Prelude to the Future for All of the Americas
By Jorge G. Casteneda, The Los Angeles Times, Sunday 26 July 1998. Cuban exile and self-styled terrorist Luis Posada Carriles has helped uncover a convoluted and painful issue in U.S.-Latin American relations, in a confusing and rambling but revealing interview granted earlier this month to the New York Times.
US assassination plans
By Nadia Diaz, Granma, 16 November 1997. US Customs and Coast Guard in Puerto Rico fortuitously detained 4 counter-revolutionaries of Cuban origin. They used a vessel owned by the director of the Cuban American National Foundation, headed by annexationist Mafioso Jorge Mas Canosa, to transport weapons to be used against Castro during the 7th Ibero-American Summit on the island of Margarita, Venezuela.
A bomber's tale: Taking aim at Castro
By Ann Louis Bardach and Larry Rohter, New York Times, July 1998. Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban exile who has waged a campaign of bombings and assassination attempts aimed at toppling Fidel Castro says that his efforts were supported financially for more than a decade by the Cuban-American influential lobbying group, Cuban-American National Foundation, which was supported by three US presidents. Posada was schooled in demolition and guerrilla warfare by the CIA 1960's.
Posada: "I'll kill Castro if it's the last thing I do"
By Edward Helmore in Miami, London Observer, 19 July 1998. They tried bombs, poison, even exploding cigars for thirty years to get rid of President Castro. US-backed attempts to overthrow Castro have never ceased, despite Washington's protestations to the contrary. The Cuban American National Foundation is a lobbying group that steers US policy to end Cuba's Communist rule.
Where are the terrorists from?
By Rafael Perez Pereira, Special for Granma International, 14 October 1998. On 6 October 1976, a Cubana Airlines flight was blown up, killing all 73 passengers. The person responsible, Luis Posada Carriles, was sprung from a Venezuela jail by the US CIA and so escaped accountability. Carriles subseqently went into drug running and wrote an autobiography describing his crimes and indicating that he is under CIA and FBI protection.
Czechoslovakia, U.S. Imperialism and Socialist Cuba
By Dave Silver, February 2000. The arrest in Cuba of two Czech nationals, Ivan Pilip and Jan Bubenik, who were traveling as tourists, who worked for Freedom House to organize subversive groups in Cuba. The internal subversion began in 1997 with financing from USAID to the anti-Cuban "Center for Free Cuba," headed by former CIA agent and Freedom House Director Frank Calzon. The conspiracies begun in 1989 were handled by the U.S. Interests Section in Havana - a conduit to the dissidents that received logistic support from the Cuban American National Foundation in Miami.