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Human rights in Cuba

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   The contemporary political history in general of Cuba

NED Covert Action Cuba, China, Russia, VN
By R. McGehee, CIABASE, 14 January 1996. The voting in the UN to condemn Cuba's human rights record fits in the worldwide pattern of the U.S. using "human rights abuses" as an excuse for political action operations.
Cuba and Amnesty International
By Dave Silver, 6 September 1997. The unwarranted and politically motivated accusations by Amnesty International for alleged human rights violations in Cuba.
AI Cuba Bulletin: Prisoners of Conscience
AI Index, 30 October 1997. Example of AI intervention: Members of the [presumably United States-sponsored] Partido Pro Dreechos Humanos en Cuba sentenced to some months in jail or fines for trying to subvert the government. AI is looking into whether they may be prisoners of consciences.
Response by President Fidel Castro Ruz to a question posed by the moderator of a round table discussion on a statement made by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien during the III Summit of the Americas
By Fidel Castro, 30 April 2001. The EFE on Chrétien's rationale for excluding Cuba from the III Summit of the Americas on the ground of its human rights abuses. Fidel Castro respondss to the report at length.