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Muhammad Ali Brings Humanitarian Aid to Cuba

Centr-Am News, XXVI, Week of Sept. 13 - Sept. 19 1998

Earlier this week Muhammad Ali, accompanied by actor Edward Asner and representatives of a U.S.-based humanitarian organization, brought a donation of medicines and medical equipment valued at some $1,200,000 to a health clinic in Cuba. In a previous visit Ali brought aid valued at $500,000. Ali and Asner coordinate their efforts for aid to Cuba with the U.S.-based Disarm Education Fund.

After meeting with Ali and Asner, Cuban president Fidel Castro said their visit to Cuba was evidence that the people of the U.S. people are against the embargo.

While in Cuba, Ali called for an end to the embargo. Shortly after his return to the U.S. the three-time world heavyweight boxing champion named by U. N. Secretary General Kofi Annan on September 15 as a U.N. Peace Messenger.

In bestowing the U.N. title on Ali, Kofi Annan said, "Admiring your devotion to the creation of a safer and more stable world, for the protection of human rights and honoring the fact that you have demonstrated many times over throughout your extraordinary career as athlete and humanitarian person your devotion to the best for humanity, I am proud to proclaim you, Muhammad Ali, Messenger of Peace for the United Nations." Others who have been given that honor include actor Michael Douglas, opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, Nobel Prize winning author Elie Wiesel, singer Enrico Macis and basketball star Magic Johnson. (El Diario La Prensa, NYC, 9/15/98; Agencia Informativa Amarc-Pulsar, 9/15/98)

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