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Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 23:56:31 GMT
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IFCO-Pastors for Peace 1996 Construction Work Brigade to Cuba, March 9-16 or 9-23

From IFCO-Pastors for Peace, 30 January 1996

As a direct result of the US embargo, construction in Cuba has come to a near stand-still, and the people of Cuba are suffering a severe housing shortage. Often three generations are crowded into a single unit, and over-crowding has become a serious problem, especially in Havana.

You can help "be a part of the solution" by joining an IFCO/Pastors for Peace Work Brigade to Cuba. Brigadistas live and work in Cuba's first working class barrio, Pogolotti, in Marianao. You will work along side the same Cubans who will occupy the houses when they are finished. No construction experience is necessary. Women and men, young and old are welcome.

The cost of $850 for 1 week or $1150 for 2 weeks includes: round trip air fare from Cancun, Mexico; food, lodging, translation and transportation; and funds for the purchase of construction materials and tools in Cuba. (Airport taxes or fees are not included.)

IFCO-Pastors for Peace 1996 Agricultural Work Brigade to Cuba, April 27 - May 5

Investigate recent dramatic changes in Cuba Meet with political, community and religious leaders Work and live on a farming Co-op in Pinar del Rio Eat, sing, dance and commune with the people

Only 90 miles from our shores, the tropical island of Cuba is shrouded in mystery. Eleven million Cubans suffer under the US embargo, yet creative problem-solving and determined pride keep spirits high. In the midst of dramatic changes, this historic island is fascinating and unique. There is no place in the world like Cuba, and we guarantee you a very special experience.

$900 include visa; round trip air fare from Cancun, Mexico; lodging; meals; transportation; translation; and an unforgettable experience. (Airport departure taxes or fees are not included).

For more information contact:
IFCO-Pastors for Peace 610 West 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Tel: 612-870-7121 Fax: 612-870-7109