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Official Guatemalan Delegation to Visit Cuba; Other Countries Follow Suit

Centr-Am News, XXVI, week of Sept. 13 - Sept. 19 1998

On September 16 a group of some 50 Guatemalan business people, led by Guatemalan vice president Luis Flores, began a five-day visit to Cuba, reported an official source.

The aim of the meeting between Guatemalan and Cuban business people is to explore the possible distribution of fruits and vegetables to Cuban hotels, promotion and investment in Cuban tourism and establish clothing and shoe factories on the island. According to Flores, there will also be agreements signed in the areas of air service, reciprocal promotion and protection of investments, and collaboration in economic development. In addition, agreements will be made by the Cuban publishing institute, Casa de las Americas, and the Guatemalan Culture Ministry. Scientific and technical research are also among the themes on which the two countries plan to cooperate. The Guatemalan delegation will meet with Cuban foreign minister Roberto Robaina, and with the Ministers of Foreign Investment and Collaboration, Health, Tourism, Foreign Trade and with National Assembly of People's Power president Ricardo Alarcon.

This is the first official visit to Cuba by representatives of Guatemala since the latter country broke diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1962.

In addition to Guatemala, trade representatives from Spain, Jamaica, Canada, Germany and the Czech Republic will be visiting Cuba to explore trade and investment opportunities, said a Cuban Chamber of Commerce spokesperson. (La Prensa on the Web from AFP, San Pedro Sula, 9/16/98; La Nacion from AP, Costa Rica, 9/16/98)

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