Date: Sun, 8 Oct 1995 23:46:32 -0400
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Subject: Cuban Economic Progress

Cuban Economic Progress

From Granma News. 8 October, 1995

Granma News reports life and hope in Cuba -regardless of the threats and paranoia from the North.

Staff writer Rodolfo Casals notes that the 1982 Cuban Laws governing foreign capital have now been amended, making them more attractive, transparent and acceptable to foreign investors. Nat'l Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon states that there will be all kinds of guarantees and securities offered, to provide maximum safety.

Business people, companies and States can bring capital, technology and markets to all of the country's productive sectors -agriculture, industry and services. No investment is needed in the Health and Education services, which are and will be free to the entire population. The main reasons for change in the Law are not only to preserve the main achievements attained by the Revolution, but to strengthen the economy, to improve existing technology , to create new sources of employment and so gain better access to other markets.

Over the last two years sustained growth in investment capital has been achieved, with added new facilities and greater participation of foreign capital -in excess of $2 billion already established. A lot of the inflow has been directed into relatively virgin territory. The USA of course is attempting to terrorise the donors of this capital, yet many of their own Businessmen are anxious to participate. The Helms-Burton Bill precisely concentrates on impeding foreign investment in Cuba! Cuba believes that its opportunities will defeat the negative thinking of their implacable neighbour.

Under the new Law, all the legal procedures and forms that such investment can take are laid down. The possibilities range from Joint Ventures between foreign and Cuban capital, international economic associations contracts without the formation of a company or up to 100% foreign capital without Cuban partners. Also covered are banking regulations, real estate and labor legislation and environment conservation.

The Cuban economy is not going to be privatised, as in the mad rush in imperialist countries, nor is the country marching towards capitalism. There is no renunciation of any socialist principles, rather an adaptation to international conditions so that Cuba can insert itself quietly into the world community.

The US Admin attitute towards Cuba dates from the 1823 Monroe Doctrine, in which US claims all the lands below their borders and the rights to control the govts -which include the death squads and torture of innocents -throughout the whole of Latin America. Little wonder that that Nation is so afraid of God's judgement on all, yet too afraid or too consumed by greed to obliterate that Doctrine and 'LET EVERYONE LIVE their own lives and systems in peace.
J. Clancy