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The economic history of Cuba

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   The history in general of Cuba

   Documents for the history of agriculture in Cuba
   Documents for the history of the environment of Cuba
   Documents for the Helms-Burton restraint on Cuban trade

The economic history in general of Cuba

Contrast Cuba with the Americas
Editorial from the Militant. 1995. Cuba has begun to recover from the collapse of its preferential trade with the USSR, and is in a better position to weather the economic crisis gripping the Americas.
Cuba fights to defend socialism
By Jim Genova in the People's Weekly World, 26 August 1995. The policies needed to survive both the blockade and loss of trade relations with the USSR, in which social needs take precedence.
Cuba is fighting its way back despite the odds
By Cord MacGuire, in People's Weekly World, 30 September 1995. Political and economic progress.
Interview with Louis O. Galvez Tauper, director of Cuban Institute for the Research of Sugar Cane By-products
By Roberto Jorquera, Green Left Weekly, 29 October 1995. The state of the Cuban economy; unemployment; legislative changes in September with regard to foreign investment.
Cuba today: Congresspeople, capitalism, pastors & pianos
Weekly News Update on the Americas Supplement, 28 January 1996. Fidel Castro goes to Vietnam and Cuba to study capitalism. Free market reforms continue.
Cuba's sweet smell of success
By Tim Wheeler, People's Weekly World, 18 January 1997. A tour of the Suchel-Camacho costmetics factory. Repetitive stress syndrome. This modern, highly efficient factory in the Havana suburbs is an example of the "Si, se puede" spirit of Cuba's workers who have were turned the Cuban economy around.
Prospects for the Cuban Revolution in the Post-Communist Era
Paper by Dr. George Lambie, University of Wolverhampton, 8 October 1997. Perhaps no other country in peacetime this century has suffered such a dramatic and sudden downturn in its economy as Cuba. In 1991 the Cuban government launched the "Special Period in Peacetime", and the strategy has done an outstanding job to rescue the Cuban economy from total collapse and the measures that have been taken so far have in the main been essential and unavoidable.

The history of capital investment in Cuba

Capitalism will never return to Cuba
By Manini Chatterjee, in People's Democracy, newspaper of the Communist Party of India, 24 September 1995.
Cuban Economic Progress
From Granma News, 8 October 1995. Measures to further encourage investment by foreign capital.
Cuba Foreign Investment Act
By J. Clancy, 11 November 1995. The introduction to the controversial Foreign Investment Act.