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History of the environment in Cuba

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   The economic history in general of Cuba

Forests in Cuba: Crazed Heirs of Wooded Treasure
From Granma International, 18 October 1995. The long history of forest destruction and modern replanting efforts.
Cuba admitted the country's ecological disaster at the Earth Summit
By Ariel Remos, Diario Las Americas, 27 June 1997. The Castro regime acknowledged the existence of the country's ecological disaster mire in a pamphlet distributed by the Cuban delegation during the +5 Earth Summit held at the UN headquarters in New York.
Cuba's Energy Efficiency Program
By Arnie Coro, RHC, 19 September 1999. An update on Cuba's energy efficiency program. Domestic oil production. The country's sugar industry is capable of providing very low-cost electricity during the harvest season by burning biogas in more efficient burners.
Forest Protection Law a National First
By Dalia Acosta, IPS, 22 July 1998. Cuba's Parliament broke new ground, passing its first ever forestry law to conserve and increase the amount of tree cover on the island, guaranteeing more rational use of these resources.
Fundacion de la Naturaleza y el Hombre; Humanity and Nature Foundation
By Karen Wald, APC, 15 October 1995. Non-governmental foundation focuses on research and promotion of projects aimed at protecting the environment in its relation to culture and society. The foundations main areas of work.