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The Helms-Burton restraint on Cuban trade

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   The economic history in general of Cuba

Anti-Cuba bill passes US Congress
From Green Left Weekly, 20 March 1996.
Diplomatic confrontation looms over Cuba law US. trade penalties outrage Europe
By John Palmer In Brussels, in The [London] Guardian, 8 May 1996.
Mexican Senate Approves Bill to Counter Helms-Burton
From Associated Press, 23 September 1996.
EU Counters Helms-Burton Act
From Reuter, 28 October 1996.
The Godfrey-Milliken Bill - A Canadian response to the Helms-Burton Law
By Sam Boskey, 29 October 1996.
U.S. blocks WTO Cuba panel
From NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, 1 November 1996.
Americans angry after Cuba signs pact with Canada
From Ian Brodie in Washington, in London Times, 24 January 1997.
U.S. companies launch campaign against Helms-Burton Act
From Granma International, 29 April 1997.