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The history of agriculture in Cuba

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   The economic history in general of Cuba

Cuba Greens its Agriculture. An Interview with Luis Sanchez Almanza
By Green Left Weekly, 11 December 1994.
Cuban Workers tell U.S. Youth of Efforts in Sugar Harvest
By Laura Garza, in the Militant, 11 January 1995. Re rural conditions.
Cuba attaining sustainable agriculture
By Lem Harris, People's Weekly World, 17 January 1998. Driven by necessity, Cuban agriculture has been forced to abandon standard power farming practices and is applying sustainable soil and crop practices.
Cuban agriculture beats the embargo
By Lem Harris, People's Weekly World, 25 April 1998. A scientific publication from London, which reports on agriculture in developing countries, reports that Cuba, with fewer resources, now produces more of its staple food, vegetables and fruit, than it did when using tractors, imported fertilizers and pesticides.
Alternative Nobel Prize Goes to Cuban Group: Promoting the Organic Revolution
Press release, Institute for Food and Development Policy - Food First, 6 October 1999. The Grupo de Agricultura Organica (GAO), the Cuban organic farming association that has been at the forefront of the country's transition from industrial to organic agriculture, was named as winner of a major international prize.