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Cuba solidarity conference opens tomorrow in Hanoi

CubaNews from Radio Havana, Cuba, 11 June 1997

Hanoi, June 11(RHC)-- An Asian Solidarity with Cuba Conference will take place in Vietnam on Thursday -- the second of its kind on that continent. The main issue on the event's agenda will be Washington's blockade against Cuba and the latest U.S. congressional measures to tighten the extraterritorial nature of recent legislation.

The three-day meeting, sponsored by the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association, will be attended by over 100 delegates from 15 countries and will wind up Saturday with the signing of "The Hanoi Declaration."

The President of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples -- ICAP -- Sergio Corrieri, who is also a member of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee, is heading the delegation to the event.

Sergio Corrieri, who is already in the Vietnamese capital, has met with Le Quang Dao, President of Vietnam's Homeland Front. The two leaders spoke about the two countries' current situation and the issues moving today's international political relations.

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