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The history of women and gender in Cuba

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   The social history in general of Cuba

Changing the Image: Cuban Women & Media
By Karen Lee, APC, 8 December 1995. following the First Iberoamerican Women in Communications Conference in 1993, Cuban women in working in communications meet regularly to discuss the challenges faced by women and propose some solutions.
Feminism, Communism and Catholicism
By Lisa Macdonald, Green Left Weekly, 4 February 1998. The Cuban government knew that allowing the Pope almost unlimited scope to spread his reactionary message on the family was a double-edged sword. Because the revolution gave all Cuban women much more freedom, encouragement, resources and confidence, the pope's reactionary sermons will fall on largely unreceptive ears.
Struggle For Women's Equality In U.S., Cuba
By Rose Berbeo, the Militant, 6 April 1998. The event, "Women In Cuba Today" sponsored by Casa de las Américas. The question of women is permanently on the agenda of the Cuban revolution. An annual UN report lists Cuba as ranking 16th in the world for development of women.
Homosexuality in Cuba: revolution within the revolution
By Jo Ellis, greenleft.news, 4 July 1999. Pre-revolutionary Cuba was no paradise for gays and lesbians. In the 1960s and 1970s, Cuban homosexuals continued to face discrimination. Why? Since 1986, the Cuban state has consciously tried to counter homophobia.
Equality Before the Law Has Not Eliminated Violence
By Dalia Acosta, IPS, 25 November 1999. Forty years of legally sanctioned gender equality in Cuba have not sufficed to uproot deeply ingrained sexist attitudes and domestic abuse. In spite of the predominance of women in some areas of the economy, sexist attitudes remain largely unchanged.