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The history of public health in Cuba

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   The social history in general of Cuba

Reflections on Cuba's health care system - and ours
By Richard Curtis, in People's Weekly World, 10 December 1994. The Cuban medical system is the most efficient in this hemisphere. Everyone has a family doctor and Cuba still supplies young doctors to other countries for their rural health programs.
Cuba's AIDS patient #1 dies
By Karen Lee Wald, Havana, 4 October 1995. Re. AIDS policy and treatment in Cuba. Praises the controversial quarantine system for coping with AIDs cases.
With pride, Cuba treats Chernobyl children
By John Hillson, in the Militant, 6 November 1995. Cuba's "Children of Chernobyl" project to treat children affected by thge Chernobyl disastor.
The Cuban Medical Paradise
By J. Clancy, 17 November 1995. Re. advanced state of hospital and medical technology. Patients come from Latin America and elsewhere, and praise the humane treatment, the advanced knowledge and techniques, the caring intelligent, pleasant unhurried staff and the professional excellence available.
Cuba takes lead in genetic engineering, biotechnology
By Tim Wheeler, People's Weekly World, 14 December 1996. Cuba's Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is one of a handful of research and production facilities in the world that use recombinant DNA methods to produce vaccines against meningitis, hepatitis, and other killer diseases.
What is the Family's Physician Program?
Cuban News from Havana, Cuban Interests Section, 24 October 1997. A new approach in health primary attention and the model of family's physician and nurse emerged, as well as the Integral General Medicine specialty. This community health attention has increased health levels in urban and rural zones in few years.
WHO - Best Latin American health system list published
PL, 22 June 2000. Cuba, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica are the Latin American countries with the best health systems. The WHO study analyzed the health systems of 191 UN member-countries and compared factors such as general population health level and the response capacity of these systems. The US ranked 37th.