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The history race in Cuba

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   The social history in general of Cuba

Pedro Perez-Sarduy: '98 US/Canada Tour
Announcement in AfroCuban News, 20 October 1997. AfroCuban journalist, author, and broadcaster Pedro Perez- Sarduy sees the time as ripe for a multimedia exposition on issues of race, identity, and representation in today's Cuba, where there's a great ferment in these areas. The social rise of Afro-Cubans in Cuba and of African culture. Growing social division.
Afro-Cubans in Cuban Society
By Wayne S. Smith, Center for International Policy, December 1999. The Center, the Cuba Exchange Program of the Johns Hopkins University and Havana's Fundacion Fernando Ortiz joint conference in Washington, D.C., "Afro-Cubans in Cuban Society: Past, Present and Future." Summary of Afro-Cuban history from 1886. The present; Santeria; future options; conclusion.
Learning from the Black Experience in Cuba
By Wiley A. Hall, 3rd, The Afro-American, 5 March 2000. An African-American visitor is puzzled by the different cultural environment in Cuba, where there is less sensitivity to racial stereotypes among Afro-Cubans. Are African Americans overly sensitive or do they simply understand White folk better than anyone else?
Cuba Begins to Answer Its Race Question
By Eugene Robinson, the Washington Post, 12 November 2000. Breaking a long-standing taboo on discussing Cuban society in racial terms, scholars and even officials in Havana are delving into issues of race, racism, racial stereotypes. "it's unrealistic to assume that a good communist or a good revolutionary can't also be a racist."