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The history of religion in Cubaa

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   The culture history in general of Cuba

A background and chronology of Castro-Vatican relations
American Atheist #377, 19 January 1997. A chronology from 1952 to 1997.
Hype and glory as Cuba prepares for papal visit. "Official Atheism" masks an attack on freedom, individualism, secularism
American Atheist #377, 19 January 1997. The Vatican is thinking of a post-Castro era. The church has already launched an evangelization effort funded by "wealthy foreign diocese," and clerics have already positioned themselves as an icon of acceptable resistance to the Cuban regime should Castro not tow the line to Vatican demands.
Religion in Cuba during 1997
From Radio Havana Cuba, 2 January 1998. In 1997 the Cuban Catholic Church in conjunction with the Cuban government centered its attention on preparations for the visit of Pope John Paul II. Improved relations between Cuba and the Catholic Church characterized the year.