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The culture history of Cuba

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   The history in general of Cuba

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The culture history in general of Cuba

Discussion On 'Marx's Marxism' in Cuba
By Fernando Martinez Heredia, in the Militant, 30 October 1995. History and development of working-class ideology in Cuba and a call for its further development.
Banco de Ideas Z
By Abelardo Mena, Equipo de Comunicaciones-BIZ, 5 April 1996.
Raul Castro's attack on intellectuals stirs backlash
By Mimi Whitefield and Juan O. Tomayo, Knight_Ridder News Service, 6 May 1996. Reflecting a rift within Cuba's ruling elite, top intellectuals and even Communist Party members are publicly criticizing demands by President Fidel Castro's brother that they toe the revolutionary line.
`La Gaceta' Discusses Cultural Influence Of Blacks In Cuba
By Luis Madrid, the Militant, 5 April 1999. Under the heading "Glances at Cuban popular culture," the September-October 1998 issue of La Gaceta de Cuba contains numerous articles discussing the cultural influence of Blacks in Cuba, the historical centrality of slavery and the struggle to abolish it in forging the Cuban nation, and the ongoing battle today to eliminate the legacy of racism inherited from capitalist society.
Cuban Restoration Project Pins New Hopes on Old Havana
By Scott Wilson, Washington Post, 25 December 2000. Workers are salvaging Havana's romantic old quarter from the ravages wrought by centuries on the Atlantic seafront, meticulously restoring block by block what was not destroyed by pirates or the privations of the U.S. trade embargo.

The history of literary culture in Cuba

Cuban poet discusses artistic freedom
By Vanessa Knapton, in the Militant, 30 October 1995.

The history of film in Cuba

Film Festival in Havana showcases Latino filmmakers
Maria Montelibre, in People's Weekly World, 6 January 1996.